Friday, March 03, 2006

Bonus Blog, March 3, 2006
What was I doing six years ago today? Well, recently, I was cleaning off a desk in my studio and found this journal entry for March 3, 2000 (this was before the blog):

“Lots of business dealings. We are still losing around $30,000 a month. Ouch! Really scary. [A salesman] quit. He was on crack or something. Told Brian that Mike and I were ‘switching personalities’ on him, sending him on bogus ad leads and tracking him via Carole. Very disturbing stuff. Glad he’s gone.

“Finished a Val Kilmer cover for Old West Journal. Not great. Have another one about 2/3 done, may use inside. Also have developed about six t-shirt designs. Went up last night and had Jane Bischoff critique them. She had good things to say, however, she didn’t like Marcus Huff’s Andy Warholesque image of Val [this is ironic for several reasons: Jane is now our style editor, and the “I’m Your Huckleberry” t-shirt that Marcus Huff designed is still one of our best-selling shirts].

“Marty Manning is getting married to Wendy today at 3:30. We’re going [and I did the gator during “Louie Louie” and threw out my back, ha.]"

Today My Vital Time Will Be Spent On
clean and find stuff

End of journal entry. File that last item under: Some Things Never change

On A Positive Note
This morning I just finished sketch number 700 in a row without missing a day, since November 12th. Still going strong. That’s very positive.

Logical Reasons Why I Got Bumped Off US Air Last Week
“If I'm understanding this correctly, his return reservation or ticket got cancelled. I'm guessing that this happened because he didn't take his original flight and their computer counted him as a no show for that flight, but each airline has their own policy. I have heard that the usair/am west merger has caused a lot of problems because their computers still use different systems.”
—An airline official contacted by Carole who doesn’t want to be named

“Experience: a comb life gives you after you lose your hair.”
—Judith Stern

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