Friday, March 31, 2006

March 31, 2006
I got a call from a fan who wants to buy all six of my books, the hardbound versions, so I went home to get them out of my private stash. On the way back, I encountered not one, but three sheriff’s patrol cars, sirens blasting, heading up Spur Cross Road at full blast. When I pulled into the True West World Headquarters parking lot, here came a fire engine and ambulance in the same mode. Something big going on up my way, anxious to know what it is.

If you’re interested in the trio of deerskin BBB books I mentioned yesterday, here’s the web address:

True Nudes
“Having read thoroughly the articles in the May issue of True West I then started looking over the ads. I note on page 74, middle column, bottom ad, you have depicted a seemingly nude young lady in a hammock. Even with a magnifying glass I can not make out her facial features clearly enough to identify her. I presume she is someone on the staff. Perhaps Meghan S? Or Jana B? Or Jane C? Or Sue L? Just curious. I recall some years ago when Helen Gurley Brown took over Cosmopolitan there was a nude Burt Reynolds in the centerfold. Perhaps we can look forward to a similar photo in a future issue of True West?”
—Chuck, the Maniac!

“He must have missed the nude shot of you and Marshall Trimble on your blog several months ago. It put the Burt Reynolds’ spread to shame. By the way, Allen Fossenkemper is coming out next week for lunch.”
—Carole Glenn

“If we go to lunch will Bob pull the ‘Kingman Shuffle’ on me?
—Allen Fossenkemper

FYI Allen: It's called "The Kingman Wallet Trick." When you go to lunch with someone from Kingman they invariably offer to pick up the whole tab and you think ‘what a nice fellow,’ and then they fumble with their wallets, which are, alas, empty (they keep their real stash in their shoes) and then they hem and haw, stalling, until someone else picks up the tab. This can be quite humorous when you have a whole table full of Kingmanites.

And yes, I will pull this on you.

“Thanks for the great Benson plug. I actually work for the City of Benson Visitor Center and not the Chamber of Commerce but that's OK. The Chamber office is right next to my office. Bev Stepp from the Chamber of Commerce has also had to tell people the statues are in Tucson and not Benson.”
—Bob Nilson

Favorite Onion Headline de Jour
Mass Grave Blasted For Lack Of Diversity

“If [something on a blog] makes someone happy, it goes viral. It can’t be undone.”
—Don Harmon, confounder of channel 101, in Wired magazine

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