Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March 14, 2006 Bonus Blog
I got the film back from all the snow shots and even some of Darcy Peterson manhandling my studio so I thought I'd post 'em while they were cold. That's Darcy in the top photo trying to hold down Buddy Boze Hatkiller in his chair. And yes, that's the infamous Big Bug Creek stove at left. All those books on the floor are filed now. Really amazing.

Middle photo is the backyard looking toward the cave. A big ol' organ pipe style cactus arm protrudes on the right and a snow-tipped Horny Toad looks bugged coming out of the far wall.

Below, Peaches slinks across the snow (at bottome) and the '49 Ford looks Iowa bound (at right). And that's the Spanish Driveway in middle ground. More later.

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