Monday, March 20, 2006

March 20, 2006
I spent all weekend cleaning my studio. Darcy Peterson came out yesterday and we filled three garbage cans with bad art. Mine. Ha. About a third done. Tons in the garage. Did find some great Doperoper art. May use it in a Phippen Art Museum show on range humor.

It rained almost all day yesterday, effectively washing out several shows, including Festival of the West. Although, Saturday was a great day out there. Dave Daiss and Joel Klasky, presented Mary Brown with a Best of the West award from us.

Our redesigned home page is up today and it is a beautiful thing. Hats off to Jason and Trish, who have worked diligently to implement Dan Harshberger's design. Also, Check out the Google search ap in the upper right hand corner. Just for grins I put in the name Tom Carpenter and it instantly put up every aricle he has done for us and every mention in the blog. I also did the same for Paul Hutton and every snide and snotty comment was at my fingertips. In one second! Really a cool deal.

Seven Degrees of Kingman Separation
Last night on The Sopranos, Tony uttered the words, "Kingman, Arizona." Granted, it's a freak-out, gutshot, parallel life, sub-plot, but it's probably not a non sequiter. Here's why. James Gandolfini, the actor who plays Tony Soprano, has dated a young lady who has connections to my home town. For many years, my cousin, Ann Marie Hamilton, dated a guy who proposed to her on the Eiffel Tower. That guy's daughter was hot and heavy with Gandolfini. Now Kathy claims the actors on the HBO show have almost nothing to do with the script writing, but still, I think there's a connection.

Favorite Onion Headline de Jour
Willie Nelson Spaces On Holding Farm Aid

"The future is uncertain, but this uncertainty is at the very heart of human creativity."
—Ilya Prigogone

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