Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March 7, 2006
Second solid day of cleaning in studio. Darcy and I started at seven and worked until about eleven. We plowed through stacks and stacks of scattered stuff. One of the funny, but pathetic, insights to these efforts is the realization that I have decent instincts in terms of organizing, but the follow through leaves something to be desired. For example, I do so many events where I get a name tag that I thought it would be fun to collect these. I designated a receptacle to save them, but after about six months, forgot where that was, probably because I started a new file for something else on top of it. Darcy and I found two different nametag caches today and combined them. This is one example of several. I’ve got too many overlapping efforts

In the Wow! I Was Wondering Where That Went! Department, I found great chasm reference (hidden under my Apache stuff), and very cool Northfield-James Gang reference photos.

I also found this query letter dated April 25, 1996:

Dear Greg LaLire,
I’d like to propose an ongoing feature for Wild West [magazine]. I’m researching and developing a book and an art show called ‘The Wild Women of the Wild West.” The art show will premiere this July 11th at the prestigious Suzanne Brown Art Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. The book will hopefully be out in 1997. Virtually everyone who has heard of the project raves about the subject’s potential (I truly believe this concept is long overdue). I hope you agree this would make an excellent monthly. Thanks for your consideration on this and I hope to hear from you soon.”

End of proposal. The art show was a moderate success (I sold a big painting of Honkytonk Sue on horseback with her arms in the air, parodying the classic “The End of The Trail,” only with my title: “Men!” this big gouache sold for a then record, $1,500), the book did not come out in 1997, but everyone who hears about it to this day raves about the subject’s potential. I gave the project and finished timeline to Jana Bommersbach last year and she is currently shopping the book under a different title (she would like me to do the art). Greg is still the editor of Wild West and he did buy the Wild Women concept for one issue, which I believe came out in the fall of 1996.

We’ve got a new poll question up: Do you believe Billy the Kid is buried in Ft. Sumner?

Here’s a pleasant shocker: Clarkson-Potter is going into a second printing on our Amazing Tales book. Got the call this afternoon. They are excited about the book’s performance and this is quite encouraging.

Don’t Mess With Success
“Be careful when ‘messing’ with your success formula. If anything I would suggest a reduction of the time spent on a daily basis, or perhaps blogging only once per week. But to eliminate it altogether could disrupt your formula for success. You're a person who needs to express himself. There is magic to the fulfillment of that need, for you and for your readers. My 2 cts.”
—Ben Cooper

McCartney And Tucson Addendum
"Tragedy struck the McCartney family in early 2000 when Linda's first husband shot himself to death at his home in Tucson. Joseph Melville See, Jr. reportedly suffered from severe depression since Linda's death. He was the father of Heather, whom Paul adopted when he married Linda in 1969. See was rumored to be the Jo Jo character in the Beatles’ tune Get Back."

Bond. Dwain Bond. Shaken, Not Queered
“Hey! Don't even think about quitting yer blogggg!!!! By the way. In the spirit of the Oscar openness night do I have to come out of the closet now and admit that I am straight?”
—Dwain Bond

Smart Advice From Alabama
Keep on drawing and painting daily. Remember, idle hands are arthritis’ workshop and, a sketch a day day keeps arthritis away! Besides, one day you might get published!
—Gus Walker

Favorite Onion Headline de Jour
Libertarian Reluctantly Calls Fire Department

“Smooth seas do not make a skillful sailor.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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