Friday, March 10, 2006

March 10, 2006
Still cleaning and filing. Hung up the first framed cover of Razz Revue, the humor magazine Dan Harshberger and I produced (1972-1976). We put out sixteen issues and I’ll hang the rest this weekend (this is a homework assignment from Darcy) Hard for some to believe, but I’ve been in the publishing business for a long time.

One Of The Exits, Exits
"It is with a very sad heart today the I am informing you of another death among our class. Mickey Campa just called me to say that Wendell Havatone passed away this morning [actually, yesterday] of a heart attack. As with all of the others that have already left us, I know that Wendell will be missed too. I do not know anything other than this but as I get info, I will pass it on to you."
—Phyllis E., Mohave County Union High School Classmate

Wendell sang lead in the Exits, our first band. He was a talented, handsome Hualapai who the girls always went crazy for at our gigs.

From yesterday's Santa Fe New Mexican, announcing the latest movies scheduled to be filmed in the state:

Wanted: Undead or Alive
"This is a good old cowboys ‘n’ zombies flick. In the synopsis provided by the Fourth Floor, “When Wild West misfits Elmer Winslow and Luke Budd rob the corrupt sheriff of a dusty Western town, they have no idea a plague of zombies is sweeping the country. In a bizarre turn of events, Geronimo’s sultry niece may hold the key to their survival.” According to the horror-movie Web site Bloody-Disgusting . com, this will be a comedy. The dusty Western town will be played by Bonanza Creek Ranch south of Santa Fe."
—sent to me by Johnny Boggs

Favorite Onion Headline de Jour
Nation Celebrates Awkward ‘Take Your Illegitimate Daughter To Work’ Day

“Everything you add to the truth subtracts from the truth.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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