Wednesday, March 22, 2006

March 22, 2006
It rained almost all afternoon yesterday. Heavy frost this morning. Looked like snow on the Barro’s horse arena. Made the early morning bike ride nippy and fun. Need to enjoy it while we can. Won’t be much longer before our eight month long summer season.

A Horse With No Name
“Having spent a few years on the CBS Studio Center lot, and also having been fortunate enough to work on the show for four episodes in the final season, I'd like to share with you and your blog followers that several writers for Gunsmoke always referred to Matt's horse as ‘Alpo’ in their scripts.”
—Stephen Lodge, WWA Member

“Regarding Matt Dillon’s horse, here's a good site for you (and by the way, Marshall Dillon’s horse was a line back buckskin named "Buck").”
—Scott Bell

Darcy came to clean today and it’s her birthday. She’s 55 and just a baby. This morning I found a photo panorama of my grandfather’s farm in Iowa. It was taken in January of 1982 when I flew to Des Moines for my grandfather’s funeral. Huge snowstorm blanketed the state just before I took off from Phoenix. Thirty below windchill factor when we arrived. Plane landed on ice (this was a week after a plane in Boston skidded off the runway into water, so I utilized major pucker factor to slow and successfully stop our plane). It took us two days to get to northern Iowa and the funeral. I-35 was one-lane. Huge trucks buried by snow in the ditches. The photo series has been lost for about 15 years, and of course it was filed in my flat files in the garage, under the heading “priceless family heir looms to frame”. Ha.

”Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.”
—Earl Nightingale

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