Monday, June 02, 2008

June 2, 2008 Bonus Bonus Blog Post
Tonight on KAET, Channel 8, is the first airing of "Arizona Memories From The '70s" which features Wonderful Russ, Hans Olson, Johnny D, Jana Bommersbach, Raul Castro, Wallace & Ladmo, Gerald, Alice Cooper, Al McCoy and me, BBB. Lots of great footage and photos, sights and sounds. Check it out at seven P.M.

Here's the Mickey Free nocturne, whipped out yesterday, of Los Muertos. Groovy hot coals effect in the foreground shadows:

Which wasn't planned (a happy accident as we say). Speaking of which, I wonder if my grandmother has anything to say about this?

"Show me an over-achieving, serious-minded young woman dating a rebellious young man and I'll show you a Happy Accident waiting to happen."
—My Grandmother

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