Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24, 2008 Bonus Bonus Blog Post
Steve Lodge informs me the movie Bad Day At Black Rock was filmed up by Lone Pine, California and the town, or the set of the town still exists and the Lone Pine Film Festival, held each year takes visitors to the site.

News From The Front Lines
Neil Margel from West Point, KY called to subscribe. He found True West in the library and really liked it. He is also familiar with you from the Westerns Channel.
—Carole Compton Glenn

In Lassen County News in California: Biz News
MAGAZINES: Margie’s Book Nook in Historic Uptown Susanville has expanded its new magazine offerings, according to Manager David Teeter. Teeter said that he ordered many unique titles such as “True West” and “The Writer”. If you like Japanese comics, ask about the new Manga titles. Stop in today; Margie’s is now open seven days a week.
—forwarded by Meghan Saar, True West Managing Editor

Got behind on posting my sketchbook regimen. Here are more Sepia Storms, playing one frame into another. Nice, subtle effects:

Almost too subtle (below), but I really like the Apache with the headband down over his eyes. Very 'Pache Punk. I think our bad boy Curly will wear this style headgear (and also he'll wear his breech cloth way low, gangster style):

Decided to try adding some darker reds to my sepia studies. Pushed several too far, but I'm seeking clues at the scene of the crime:

Back to terracotta-ville. Not bad. Keep going:

Bye bye Tim Russert (lower, left). He had the best doctors, just had a stress test, they sent him to the best hospital and he still died. Meanwhile, as Alan Huffines recently reminded me, I was playing drums in a honkytonk with ne'er do wells and as a friend of Mike Torres' put it, "It just wasn't his time."

”The historian is a dealer, not in certainties, but probabilities, and is therefore a romancer.”
—Some brilliant woman in The New Yorker

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