Friday, June 27, 2008

June 27, 2008
Hardly any of my Cardio Compadres were at cardio rehab today. Traffic as well, was light, or should that be "lite." Someone on the radio said it is the four-day work week kicking in (the radio guy also had no accidents to report—I've never heard that one before). Felt good to exercise alone and get the best treadmill. Ha.

Got into the office at ten. Robert Ray got me some new price tag-info cards to go with my paintings tonight. He got them printed at JC Printing. My big art opening is tonight from 6 to 8 at the Arts Prescott Co-op Gallery on Whiskey Row. Come by if you can. Hey, free wine.

You can check out the artwork at our new site:

In the Spring of 1978 I moved from Tucson to Phoenix and got a smokin' deal to room with two knocked out babes in an old farmhouse near Indian School Road and Seventh Avenue. One was a blond and one was a brunette and one was a teacher and the other worked for the community college. We were all young and wild and we went to concerts almost every weekend. I remember, not long after I moved in, the brunette told us George Carlin was playing the Celebrity Theatre, so we drove down there, but it was sold out. We hung around in the back hoping to get in through the rear entrance (with their heavy KDKB connections, the girls knew lots of the Celebrity crew), but we saw all these big TV trucks with gear everywhere. It was a locked set as George was filming the concert for a movie. I wondered what it would look like and why was he filming here in laid back Phoenix?

But I never saw the concert movie advertised or shown in our area and then after several years I forgot about it.

Two nights ago, I was channel surfing and came across the wall to wall programming on the Comedy Channel celebrating George Carlin and his many comedy specials. I clicked on it and came in the middle of George's "Two Minute Warning" bit where he makes the claim that two minutes before you die, you get a two-minute warning just like in a football game. He goes on and on about how only dead people know about it, and riffs on a crazy person on a bus getting the warning, then going into a rant, ending with, "If what I'm saying isn't the truth may God strike me down!" Considering his own death that day, it was a tad surreal. So I watched the rest of the concert and at the end it said, "Filmed before a live audience at the Celebrity Theatre, 1978."

So, it only took me thirty years to catch the film. And by the way, I married the blond. The brunette is my business manager.

Here's the last two days worth of sketches:

Closing in on 6,600 sketches (these are 6,584 to 6,590):

Deena got me a New Yorker cartoon daytimer calendar. I loved yesterday's cartoon:

And here's the cover of Mad Coyote Joe's latest book from Northland Press:

In addition to a great batch of chicken mole, Joe made calabicitas (squash), frying onion and garlic over medium heat until translucent but not browned. Then we added tomato and jalepeno and continued frying for another five minutes. We added zucchini, Mexican oregano and just a pinch of salt. Man is that healthy and good!

"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues."
—Abraham Lincoln

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