Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23, 2008
Went to cardio rehab this morning. Swam ten laps yesterday. Feeling stronger all the time.

As promised here are some captured 8mm film stills off of the Mitchell family's home movie stash which features a live Exits performance, circa 1964. First up, an action shot of Wayne Rutschman, our sax player and me on drums (my King specials direct from the Montgomery Ward catalogue. The stage looks like the American Legion to me:

A close-up on Charlie Waters singing lead on something somber:

Terry's father did a good job getting close-ups on all the players. This is his son, our lead player, Terry Mitchell:

Wayne Rutschman is singing lead on something. Can't read his lips, but he has that Kingman reserve, even when belting something:

Perhaps because I knew the camera was on me (big flood lights in those days) I did a flurry of rolls on the snare and lone tom tom. Here I am mid-stroke:

What a ham! Terry's father turned the camera on the dancers and caught a few priceless scenes, like this one of Jennie Torres doing a mean pony. Don't recognized the guy she's dancing with:

Here's Mary Jane McGovern doing a suggestive, down and Dirty Dog:

And here's an isolated shot of Mary Kay Hokanson, looking radiant:

You can see it better in the actual moving footage, but I believe this is Ray Bonham, far left, and Rusty Petry, far right:

When Deena saw the footage she gasped at this closeup, and exclaimed, "Oh, my God, that jawline! It's Tommy!" Kathy finally admitted that, yes, he is my son.

Without any sound, going over these frames is very Zapruder-like. It has a crude, mysterious, Civil War history aspect to it.

Going over to Bryan's this evening to edit this priceless footage into the DVD of the Exits Exit. On sale soon.

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