Friday, June 06, 2008

June 6, 2008
We had a sendoff party for Samantha Somers yesterday afternoon, complete with champagne, crackers and cheese. A good time was had by all.

Afterwards I met George Laibe ("The Laib Man") and Mike Torres at El Encanto. Haven't been there since my heart attack. Sat outside on the patio, drinking Dos Equis with lime and solving life (and Mike's musical career choices). Had fun (four beers), plus dinner (I bought, $73.79, includes tip).

The Humor Police
"Sex and the City quote attributed to Minnesota Mike actually came from David Letterman. It was in our paper yesterday. Just fyi . . ."
—An Avid Reader And Humorist

Ken Amorosano recently requested head shots of Bob McCubbin, Dave Daiss, Bob Brink and myself to post on the True West Preservation Society website. I knew we had a photo taken by John Beckett several years ago when all of the above, plus R.G. Robertson, were in town for a True West Board Meeting. Yesterday Abby Pearson spent a good hour trying to find it on our server and in our filing cabinet to no avail. I spent about fifteen minutes this morning, looking through my filing system at home (random piles modeled after the Dewey Dismal System), and believe it or not, I found it! Carole Glenn and I think this was taken in 2003 and it was taken in our conference room. Front row, L to R: BBB, R.G. Robertson and Dave Daiss. Back row: Bob Brink and Bob McCubbin. We had some big challenges at that time and everyone in the photo pulled together and essentially saved the magazine. Thanks partners!

Did my six sketches at the kitchen table yesterday. The Apache with the red headband was taken from a photo I found while looking for something else, up at Sunrise Ski Resort on the White Mountain Apache Reservation when Thomas Charles went for a horse back ride at their stables, and this guy was the wrangler-guide. He has a very classic In-din look:

Brooding Bruder
"Brooder Boy should be Bruder Boy. It's Will Bruder. Although the first way is a hell of a lot funnier."
—Dan "The Man" Harshberger

"Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well."
—Josh Billings

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