Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24, 2008 Bonus Blog Post
In yoga class this morning, our instructor Debbie gave me a huge plug for the Cowboy Statesmen piece in the Republic and also for my artshow this Friday. That was sweet and unexpected. Meanwhile, here is a sampling of the email feedback on the article:

“I grew up on a ranch in Apache Junction. And I swear I've met half the guys in your cowboy statesman feature. I'd say you hit the bullseye on that 1.....Good Job Bad Bob.”
—Roger "Flying R" French

“Cow-boy Statesmen. Dang good article.”

“We enjoyed the artwork and story you did for the newspaper on Sunday. Being fairly new on this western scene, we have felt it sad that - as you mentioned - the ranches have been disappearing into into housing developments to accommodate "easterners" who want to bring their lifestyle with them and ignore the beauty and wonder of what is the true southwest. Your article encouraged us that there are still those who are carrying on this tradition. Long live the cowboy and Indian! Your humor and colorful way of presenting the 'true west' is a delight. Long live Bob Boze Bell! (healthy of course)

“Your blog is fascinating. We read it like we are reading a letter from a beloved relative we have not seen for a long time. Made notes of the cookbook and the 'kitchen tool' place as well as the Mexican food store, Food City. Plan to visit both places - and get the cookbook. Our plan is to open a guest house/small B&B in the area - southwest style - and we want to serve healthy and delicious dishes that are true to the area. People are even trying to make Indian Frybread more healthy - keep laughing - it opens the mind to all kinds of possibilities.

“May you enjoy many healthy years ahead as well as great Mexican recipes with delightful side-dishes of guacamole.”
—Jerry and Norma Reynolds

“Got back from another trip to New York last night, saw some plays and the Morgan Library for the first time. Those robber barons knew how to live, if we should come back let's be those guys. Much more fun, I think, than riding around on a horse.

“You touch a lot of lives, and not in a dirty, illegal, kind of way. Keep up the good works.”
—Jerry Joslyn

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
—George Bernard Shaw

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