Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12, 2009
The Alamo cover package is getting better by the hour. Lots of loose ends and quote tweaking, high res images retrieval (Meghan tracked down a photographer in England last night who ended up sending us a great photo of the plaza today, showing all the modern buildings. Everyone shoots away from the sky scrapers.)

The feature layout went down to Dan The Man Harshberger today and he is going to put his creative stamp on it. I'm still wrestling with the cover image. Finally got the action dynamic I wanted last night:

I like the extreme action in this study (Davy, excuse me, David, looks like he's going to take down all the tall buildings with one swing). I pushed Crockett all the way to the left of the design to make room for headlines and text on the right. Now to lay in the hodge podge of buildings and signs.

Debating how modern to render them. Color, or sepia?

“I have seen yesterday. I know tomorrow.”
—inscription in the tomb of King Tut, 1338 BC

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