Friday, March 06, 2009

March 6, 2009
We're working on a big, Alamo package for the May issue. There is an ongoing fight, on how to best honor the site. Historian and filmmaker Gary Foreman has put together a very creative plan to recreate the entire fort with all of the original walls, so that visitors can experience what that space looked like during the battle (many tourists come to the Alamo site and look puzzled, usually before commenting, "Gee, they all fit in this tiny church for the fight?"). So, to that end it would be great for visitors to have a good perspective on the historic fight. However, many historians are dead set against the plans, because it calls for tearing down other historic buildings (some from the 1850s), and as the city grew up around the site, today we have a Burger King, curios, a Ripley's Believe It Or Not and other cheesy stuff. In Foreman's plan, these buildings would come down and a historically accurate replica of the fort would be put up.

To this, Paul Andrew Hutton says, "You don't build something fake on historic ground."

Within that sentence is the heart of the fight. It's amazing, we're still fighting over the Alamo. Going to be very controversial, which really means it will be a good issue.

Meanwhile, I worked last night on classic landscape designs, poaching from the masters:

Yes, that's Maynard Dixon in two, Turner, Parrish, Leigh and Frank Tenney in the others.

"True freedom lies in the realization and calm acceptance of the fact that there may very well be no perfect answer."
—Allen Reid McGinnis

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