Tuesday, March 03, 2009

March 3, 2009
Our Managing Editor, Meghan Saar, talked to Phil Spangenberger this morning and he's still in a lot of pain after his stroke. Thanks to all of you who have sent cards. We are forwarding them on to Phil's wife Linda.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of Phil on the set of 2002's Hidalgo, looking mighty sharp, as always.

Jim Hatzell sent the photo. Both Jim and Phil worked on the Disney Western.

It's easy to remember the first time I met Phil. It was at 2:30, October 26, 1981 at the 100th Anniversary of the Gunfight Behind the O.K. Corral in Tombstone. I didn't see any advertisements or hear about any events, I just knew I wanted to be there at 2:30. Turned out, Harold Love, the owner of the O.K. Corral, had quite a show planned and Phil was the main performer.

I always thought Phil had a big ensemble re-enactor group that worked with him, but come to find out, Phil showed up solo, worked out his routine with three guys he had just met (the show was so flawless I thought they had been working together for decades). I took a photo afterwards. Here's Phil, center in red. They are standing behind Fly's Boarding House. That's Richard Ignarski on the right:

This is the day I met both Phil and Richard. Also in the audience, but I didn't know it at the time, were Jeff Morey Lee Silva and Bob McCubbin.

"You S.O.B.s have been looking for a show and now you can have it."
—Phil Spangenberger, in the corral

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