Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009
Got the word yesterday that the Top Secret Writer was in the hospital for the past two days. He's had pneumonia for eight weeks (he wasn't feeling well last weekend when we hiked to Cottonwood Springs but he was hoping this was the end of it). He didn't get better and Tracy Lee was driving Hutton to the emergency room when he passed out. They had him on a drip. He told me from his room, "I can be this miserable at home." Got a Blackberry message this afternoon that he's going home tonight.

I told him he couldn't die now because we are so close to finishing the Mickey Free project (see below). He agreed, but he's so damned stubborn and besides, he rarely listens to me anyway.

Had lunch today with cowboy Bill Dunn of Alberta, Canada. He and his lovely wife drove down for Festival of the West and he came out to Cave Creek to get the tour. Took him to El Encanto and we both had the chicken mole enchiladas.

After lunch with Bill I went home and finished a portrait of Major Bullis:

This is for the end section of the Mickey Free book where we talk about what happened to everyone. All of Bullis's improvements to San Carlos were wiped out when San Carlos Dam flooded the post. Notice his portrait is faded because of a huge watermark. Too heavy handed? Perhaps, but this is the nuance I love in Old West stories, excuse me, Old West graphic novels.

"There are some things we can only achieve by a deliberate leap in the opposite direction."
—Franz Kafka

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