Monday, November 15, 2010

Hog Ridin' Fools & Blakely Tumblers

November 15, 2010
In the S. Clay Wilson classic biker tale that ran in the first Zap Comic (1968), the Checkered Demon gets into it at the end of the first (and apparently last) installment of "Hog Ridin' Fools" over a set of tumblers at a gas station.

In real life, the best example of gas station tumblers (a free glass with every fill-up!) was Blakely's Arizona Cactus Tumbler set. And this was when gas was 19 cents a gallon!

I have had at least five sets of these classic suckers. Unfortunately, I keep 'em on a tray on a shelf in the kitchen and the cleaning lady keeps breaking them. Still, very cool, no?

"A man should be upright, not kept upright."
—Marcus Aurelius

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