Thursday, November 04, 2010

Seine River Dance

November 4, 2010
In meetings all day. Ken Amorosano is in town. Board meeting tomorrow. John Langellier, the director at Sharlott Hall Museum came by at three and we went over several new articles he is doing, including a big package on the Cochise vs. Bascom at Apache Pass conflict, which, of course, was a direct result of the kidnapping of this guy:

One of the things I have taught my kids is you always appreciate musicians, and pay them respect especially at dinner places where musicians finish a song and no one applauds (I played enough gigs where the audience didn't even acknowledge your existence, much less the song you just finished). I trained them from an early age to clap like crazy.

Kathy also has a soft spot for musicians (she married a drummer: and what do you call a drummer without a girlfriend? Homeless.) so when we were in Paris recently, we always tipped the street musicians and occassionally Kathy even joined in a little River Dance treat.

This is by the bridge over the Seine River, behind the Notre Dame Cathedral, and about a block from our rented flat. When I threw three euros in the cup, the accordian player said, "American!" and when my wife started dancing he said, "Crazy Americans!" We took this as a high compliment.

"We are all travelers. From birth to death we travel between the eternities."
—Lillian Redman

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