Sunday, June 17, 2012

Alma on the Homestretch

June 17, 2012

   Lew Jones and I are having breakfast at the Alma Cafe, just up the road from the WS Cattle Ranch where Butch Cassidy worked. Spent the night last night up at Lew's cabin in Mogollon. They dodged a bullet last week. Big fire came within a couple hundred yards.

   Came from Albuquerque and the Western Writer's of America Conference. Here I am with some of my staff who also attended. From left to right, Jana Bommersbach, Meghan Saar, BBB, Sherry Monahan and Marshall Trimble. Marshall and I represented Arizona in a debate hosted by Johnny D. Boggs. If laughs count, I think we smoked the New Mexico boys.

"It's no honor to be on TV."

—Neil Young