Friday, June 29, 2012

Hard Riding Vaqueros

June 29, 2012

   Finished taping the final segment of our new TV show last night at the state capitol. I was filmed standing on the state seal and pointing out a certain tragic miner who ended up on the floor in the rotunda. The whole crew was fried. We started shooting at nine in the morning at McDonald's Farm on Scottadale Road, shooting two segments by Marshall Trimble. From there we moved down to McCormick Railroad Park and taped another segment with Marshall on the cow catcher of a steam locomotive. And then down to the state capitol for two more segments.

   It capped two rugged days of working outside in the blazing heat. The day before we were at Pioneer Living History Museum where we taped a segment on Diltche, the Apache woman who eluded pursuers and walked 1,000 miles home from Baja. Here is a sequence I shot on my cell phone of two vaqueros on her trail.

   We also did pick up shots of the two vaqueros galloping. Note my new Ford Flex in the background.

"Allright, that's a wrap."

—Cecil B. DeMille