Saturday, June 02, 2012

The BLT Road Trip

June 2, 2012

   In Flagstaff, on the way to Second Mesa and Canyon de Chelly. Road trip. We're called it the BLT tour in the Toaster. BLT stands for Bell Legacy Tour, since we're headed for Iowa and the Bell Family Farm area. Got out of Cave Creek at 3:30 yesterday. My neighbor, Tom Augherton installed custom license plates on my Flex (priority for trip).

   Deena couldn't make it because of her job, but T. Bell and his new wife are joining Kathy and I on this road trip in the new Ford Flex.

   Flag was hopping last night for First Friday. I think everyone in town was downtown walking around. A very lively scene. Had an outdoor dinner at the Carriage House ($136 plus $26 tip). Very nice out, as opposed to Cave Creek where it was 108 degrees when we left).

   On the road this morning for Second Mesa to see a dance, then on to Canyon de Chelly for a horseback ride into White House Ruins.

"I'm on the road, Baby!"