Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kissin' Jennie In Prescott

June, 21, 2012

   left the house this morning at 5, got up to Prescott at seven.Met up with a film crew from Channel 8, then filmed a segment, "Kissin' Jennie" in a historic hotel downtown. Here's a photo of the shoot.

Tell, me honestly what does this look like? That's what I thought.

After that session we walked over to the Jersey Lillie Saloon above the Palace Bar on Whiskey Row and filmed the other part of Kissin' Jennie. Here is the crew, along with Tommy, the owner of the joint. Great guy.

Filmed two other segments at Sharlot Hall Museum then drove out to Watkins Lake for the final set up of the day. Got home at six. Long day, but we got some good stuff.

"Don't come home unless you get the money shot."
—Old Film Guy Saying