Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Lone Ranger Over Budget?

June 13, 2012

Last Thursday was Kathy's birthday so we surprised her on the morning of June 7 as we drove into Kearney, Nebraska on the BLT. I asked her to look for a cafe for breakfast and as we drove into town she saw this:

After we sprang this surprise on her, we all attended a Zumba class at the Kearney YMCA, paid for by Deena Bell. We actually have video of that and I'll post that when I get off the road next week.

Meanwhile, I couldn't have done it alone. Had the great help of the gals at Miller Signs in Kearney. Here they are with Kathy after the big surprise:

Some real smart, talented Kearney cuties they are.

From Kearney, we motored on to Lake Okoboji, Iowa, where we enjoyed an evening boat ride. Meanwhile, just prior to this we had a great birthday dinner at Estes Park, cooked by Pattarapan. We ate on the deck of our private cabin and were serenaded by a lightning strike which struck so close there was no delay at all. As we sat there we felt like the lone ranger.


"No one will ever scale Pike's Peak."

—Zeb Pike, who was obviously high on something