Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hairpin Turns on Oh My God Road!

June 13, 2012

   Woke up with two sisters looking straight up at Pike's Peak this morning. The two sisters would be the Two Sister B&B in an old house in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Had a great breakfast with the two sis's and a couple from Atlanta. After breakfast a musician compadre, Louis Mock, took me on a tour of the legendary Broadmoor Resort where he has played for the past 23 years. Really a classy joint.

   The kids and Kathy flew out of Denver yesterday, so it's just me taking the back roads.

   At around noon I off to Cripple Creek which I have always wanted to see. Stopped at the Mining Museum and talked with Jan Collins the director about the town, Wyatt Earp in Cripple Creek and prostitution back then, not now. She wrote a book on it and I bought it. I asked her if there was a back way to Canon City and she said there was if I wasn't afraid of dirt roads and scary heights. I said, "Is it any worse than the road from Idaho Springs to Black Hawk?" She laughed and said, "You mean 'Oh My God Road'?" Great name for that road. Pattarapan actually took a video of us traversing it and I'll post that when I get home this weekend.

   Took the county dirt road and saw some crazy rock formations and of course had to stop to photograph it (with my PHONE!). Only met one car on the entire 27 mile run.

I just had lunch at Michael's Deli on Main Street in downtown Canon City and am heading for Trinidad, Raton, E-Town and Taos.