Sunday, June 10, 2012

Road Trip Notes

June 10, 2012
   Been off the grid and on the road for the past week on the BLT (Bell Legacy Tour) in the Toaster. Got Thomas Charles and Pattarapan with Kathy and I.

   After a cool night in Flagstaff we hit the Hopi Res on Second Mesa, then out to Canyon de Chelly and Los Gigantes Buttes, Shiprock, Farmington and up into Colorado. Enjoyed Wolf Creek Pass and landed at Creede where Walt Disney was prepping the climatic scene of the Lone Ranger where Johnny Depp, as Tonto saves the Lone Ranger on a train bound for hell.

   From Creede we motored to Lake City and on to Gunnison, then north to Estes Park where we stayed for a day and relaxed. Took off last Wednesday for Kearney, Nebraska where we had a wonderful evening and a morning surprise for Kathy's birthday with a sign (pics to follow), and a Zumba class (video to follow).

   Left Kearney and landed at Lake Okoboji in Iowa at about four. Got in Mike Richards' boat and did a booze cruise at five and then had dinner at the Richard's cabin next to the water.

   On Saturday we took off at about nine and visited Swea City, Iowa where I attended the first three grades before we moved to Arizona, then on to Forrest City, where I was born and on to the Surf Ballrroom where Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper bought the farm after the gig. Drove out to the actual site.

   Then back to Thompson where Froggy Hauan gave us the tour of the Hauan and Bell farms and a dinner at the Branding Iron. Got back to Lake Okoboji at about ten. Got up this morning and took off down the back trail and landed at North Platte, Nebraska. And we're off to Denver tomorrow.

   The biggest change in road trips is the smart phone ability to find the cheapest gas in the surrounding area at any given time and also the best rates on motels and cabins and restaurants (including reviews). Totally changes where we stop and mostly for the better (two miles up the road the gas is 10 cents cheaper a gallon). And speaking of gas, we started off in Arizona at $3.86 a gallon, dropping to $3.76 in Colorado, then $3.50 in Kearney, Nebraska, and down to $3.25 in Grand Island and then an astounding $2.60 a gallon on the Winnebago Res just below Sioux City, Iowa.

"Welcome to the Roadside Beaver Tour and I can clearly see your nuts."
—Some smartass in our car