Friday, December 07, 2012

Brave Vigilante

December 7, 2012

   Nice morning. Here's a Daily Whipout I created for the Northfield Raid. I was visualizing this as an illustration for the brave civilians who stepped out from behind the staircase on Division Street. Mainly A.R. Manning and even Henry Wheeler. I used this in another Classic Gunfight, but the intent is the same: our country has been built on civilians stepping into the line of fire to protect their towns.

Daily Whipout #56, "Brave Vigilante"

This next one was done for the Steins Pass train robbery attempt involving members of the Wild Bunch, Will Carver, Tom and Sam Ketchum and others. Their MO was to commandeer the train at the Steins Pass and compel the engineer at gunpoint to proceed up the track to two bonfires in either side of the track. The ruse was supposed to protect the robbers from being blind sided by spunky railroad riders, but, instead served to illuminate the deputies on the train to see the robbers clearly. The lawmen were supposedly utilizing "blue whistlers".

Daily Whipout #57, "The Wild Bunch: Waiting For The Train"

Daily Whipout #58, "Billy's Querida"

Whipped this one out yesterday.

Daily Whipout #55, "Worried About The Back Trail"

This was created for a Classic Gunfight edition on John Ringo's mysterious death and being found seated in a tree. It also appeared in my book "Classic Gunfights, Volume II: The 25 Gunfights Behind The O.K. Corral".

Daily Whipout #60, "John Ringo In Death"

Daily Whipout #61, "Tubac Duel"

Daily Whipout #62, "The Duelists: Edwin Cross and Syvester Mowry"

   Worked this morning on a 10th Horse painting. I've had the idea for some time, but finally pulled the trigger on it.

Daily Whipout #63, "Tenth Horse Courier"

"Where no plan is laid, where the disposal of time is surrendered merely to the chance of incident, chaos will soon reign."

—Victor Hugo