Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Lon Megargee On Horseback, Doc Holliday Red-Eyed and Last Liar Standing

December 5, 2012

   Herman Dickson came by yesterday with some spectacular Lon Megargee images. Herman collects all things Megargee and A-1 beer related. Here's a photo of the artist in about 1949:

That is just a classic image. Lon had a couple houses in Cave Creek. One of them is about a half mile from here (The True West World Headquarters). We're going to feature Lon in an upcoming issue of True West and also in "Outrageous Arizona II" which is being discussed with our partners at Channel 8.

   More Whipped Out Paintings for your perusal.

Whipout Painting #48, "Doc Holliday: Red-Eyed & Lit Up"

Daily Whipout #49, "Last Liar Standing"

Next April we will celebrate our 60th year of publishing and as of last month I am marking 13 years at the helm of this venerable magazine. Here is a staff photo I found on an old Thank You card yesterday:


Left to right: DeAnne Giago, Dan The Man Harshberger, Carole Glenn, the late and great "Minnesota Mike" Melrose, BBB, Mare Rosenbaum, Cowboy Dan Martin, Robert Ray and Gus "The Mapinator" Walker. Mike Melrose always told everyone this was our White Album photo and you can see he's posing as if he's on a Moody Blues album cover. Mike was our first legit sales manager (no comment on the previous manager) and he got us to $20K in advertising sales for an issue, which at the time seemed so far out of reach. Mike, who was actually from Saint Charles, Iowa, passed away several years ago and I really miss his crazy sense of humor. He was a great guy and I'm proud to say I knew him.

"Ask yourself the secret of your success. Listen to your answer, and practice it."

—Richard Bach

I am listening, I am practicing, and the secret, so far, is: enthusiasm, passion and persistence.