Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Peter Gunn Run and The Wham Payroll Bam, Ma'am

December 29, 2012

   Had a very nice birthday yesterday. Kath treated me to a visit to the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum). I have driven by this monster museum for a year or so and have never been in there. Well, the place is a total hoot. You wear headphones and when you approach a display featuring, say, the piano John Lennon played when he recorded his classic song "Imagine" a sensor in your headphone picks up a signal in the display and starts playing the song, when you walk to the next display that performer's signature songs start playing along with a video of them playing it. Here I am in front of the Marty Robbins display:

I have to say my favorite display was the one for local boy Duane Eddy. I had forgotten that in addition to "Rebel Rouser" the bad boy git-picker played a very mean run on a classic:

A Duane Eddy Classic Run

Meanwhile, we had our Christmas staff party at The Smokehouse in Frontier Town today. Here is the crew lined up to chow:

Yes, I'm wearing my Michael Guli custom Range Rider fringe shirt for the luncheon. I only wear it on special occasions, because, well, nobody says it to my face, but it kind of makes me look like a member of The Social Security Division of The Village People.

Speaking of Christmas, love this 1949 photo of Front Street in Kingman during a snow storm.

This is when Front Street (later renamed Andy Devine) was the heart and soul of Mohave County. Sadly, to me, not a single business in this photo survived the Interstate 40 bypass.

Also tweaked a page of Wham Payroll Roberry suspects I found in my files. Although they ran in my Classic Gunfight regarding the robbery, I didn't really flesh them out very well. Here is the updated version:

"Wham, bam, thank you Uncle Sam."

—The too-clever-by-half title I gave the gunfight