Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tennis Lesson Applies to Landscape Painting

December 13, 2012

   Turned chilly this morning. 32 degrees at the Triple B Ranch and we're supposed to get a cold rain later this weekend. Had a nice little fire going in the studio stove and tweaked a couple of paintings before coming into work. First up, found a half-finished painting in my Has Potential File and gave it another go. Nice atmospheric effects in background and the design of the lake bed is nice, although I don't like the prominent dividing line in the middle of the page. Needed to move it up or down, don't get caught in the middle.

Daily Whipout #74, "Mickey Skirts The Edge of Red Lake"

Also grabbed another painting at lunch and tweaked it as well. Some of us believe the Apache Kid escaped to Old Mexico with the love of his life, Beauty and living deep in Copper Canyon with the Tarahumara Indians they lived out their life in peace.

Daily Whipout #75, "Beauty's Daughter High In The Sierra Madres"

"If you want to win at tennis play the net or stay behind the baseline, don't get caught in the middle."

—Old Vaquero Tennis Player Saying