Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mick in Mexico and Wyatt Whips It Out!

December 19, 2012

   Woke up this morning and realized I really am the "66 Kid". I've flirted with using that title on a big story about a kid who comes west on Route 66 and now here I am at 66 years old. Crazy.

   Meanwhile, Been busy painting on Mick again. By that I mean good-old Mickey Free, the character I refuse to give up on. Here is a little scene I tweaked this morning before I came into work. I call this "Mick and The Mammoth Jack On The March In Mexico":

Daily Whipout Painting #102, "Mickey's Mule"

Meanwhile, working on a couple new Doc Holliday paintings for the next Classic Gunfight which will be on Doc's last gunfight.

And here are the final five DWO paintings

Daily Whipout Painting #96, "Fort Apache Courier"

This next painting illustrated a Classic Gunfight on the Salt War east of El Paso where one guy, Chico Barela, thwarted a troop of cavalry by essentially telling them to halt and forcefully telling them to go back, which they did!

Daily Whipout Painting #97, "Chico Barela"

This next one was an early take on the Mickey Free character for our proposed graphic novel, featuring his errant eye perhaps a little too much. Ha.

Daily Whipout Painting #98, "Eye of A Legend"

And here's another Mickey Free scene of him riding up to the headquarters at San Carlos.

Daily Whipout Painting #99, "In A Cloud of Dust"

Daily Whipout #100, "Wyatt Whips It Out"

"The bunch was well heeled and went armed. Earp was a fine looking man, tall with a drooping mustache that curled at the ends. . .Doc Holliday was the only one of the gang that seemed to drink much, and the minute he got hilarious, the others promptly took him in charge and he just disappeared"

—Judd Riley, Gunnison policeman