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December 28, 2012

   Woke up in a snowstorm on the eastcoast. Kathy and I are visiting our kids. Got in two cars and headed north. Made the driver stop at certain art museum because I am a huge fan of a hometown boy, John Singer Sargent. I don't want to give away the city but here we are at the museum:

Afterwards, we drove around the Johns Hopkins University where my daughter-in-law graduated from with honors then ended up at a Korean BBQ joint (Joung Kak) in the Charles North neighborhood:

Great spread of exotic food and had two Cass beers so I was having fun:

Quite cold out, low thirties plus a 40-mph-wind off the ocean (I won't say which one). Ended up playing an old family game: Let's stop for a shot at every bar on the right. We actually cheated so we could stop here:

Of course, we were quite obnoxious in here (Tex Mex in Arizona?! Pah-leeze!). The women started dancing:

We ended up on Baltimore Street not far from city hall at a place called "Larry Flint's Hustler Club". Really enjoyed the artwork in there. Kind of a slow night, but saw plenty of eastcoast, female plumbing.

"When in Baltimore do what the Baltimoreans do"

—Old Travelers Saying

Bob Boze 8:23 AM

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