Monday, March 04, 2013

Back From The Brink

March 4, 2013
   Here's a message that made my day:

I have been a True West reader for many years.  A couple of years ago I stopped reading the magazine because of the change in style and art.  Starting with the "Jesse James" issue last fall, I have come back to the magazine and am enjoying it more than ever.  At some point in 2012, it is obvious the editorial staff made a decision to return to what made True West fun to read.  I applaud and appreciate your efforts to go back to what you do best rather than proceed into a style and market that is already flooded with second rate material.

The cover art on the "Jesse James" issue is what caught my eye and the contents were such that I was happy to report to you my return to the magazine.

As an update, each follow-up issue has been enjoyable and I have to believe you are experiencing an upswing in readership and subscriptions.

Thank you for bringing back True West Magazine.

—Mike Kesselring, Crawford, Nebraska