Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Lone Lights & 350 Yard Shots

March 5, 2013
I'm doing a Classic Gunfight on the Triangle Springs shootout between George Scarborough and members of the Wild Bunch. Jeffrey Burton in his book "The Deadliest Outlaws" makes a big deal about Scarborough finding discarded .30-.40 Winchester cartridges while trailing the five outlaws in the Chiricahuas and how at that moment he knew they weren't petty criminals or smugglers. "They were hunting big game." In the ensuing gun battle, Scarborough tried to ride to some rocks and one of the Wild Bunch, probably Will Carver or Tom Capehart, hit the lawman at a distance of 350 yards and knocked Scarborough out of the saddle (the slug broke his leg). Burton admits it  was "a lucky shot on a moving target" then he says they were armed with "the Krag-Jorgensen bolt-action rifle adopted by the U.S. Army in 1892. Three years later the Winchester company chambered their model 95 lever action rifle and carbine for the .30-.40 cartridge." To illustrate this I want to show a photo of an Arizona Ranger carrying this Winchester rifle. Is this accurate, or correct?

I'm also still working on lone light images and whipped this out this morning before I came into work:

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—Larry Flint, who has watched his flagship magazine "Hustler" plummet from 3 million readers to "around 150,000"