Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Day at The Revived Festival of the West

March 21, 2013
   Had a meeting with Ed Reilly of Bronzesmith this morning, then tweaked cover ideas and sent them down to Dan The Man Harshberger, then I took off for The Beast. Dropped my Flex off at Power Ford (used to Lou Grubb Ford) to have my oil changed by Tommy Amorosano (Ken's nephew) and a tire checked. Ken picked me up there and we motored on to the first day of the revived Festival of the West at Westworld in Scottsdale.

  We've got a great booth right next to celebrity stage where I gave a talk at one. We are testing a cover I am curious about using. We put three real issues down next to a fake cover of a subject I want to test. I ask everyone who comes up which cover they would buy on the newsstand. Hint: the fake cover has the words "Soiled Doves" on it. Now don't cheat tomorrow when you come by. I want your honest opinion.

"I guess I just felt safer when Martha Stewart was still in prison."
—Mark Janetti