Friday, March 08, 2013

Day of The Dead And Night of The Lone Light

March 8, 2013
  Big rain storm hit this morning in Cave Creek. Dropping snow up north. Ken, Greg, Meghan and I are headed down to Tucson later today for the Tucson Book Festival this weekend. Supposed to rain down there as well.

   Found a scratchboard logo I did for a certain radio morning show that broadcast live out of the Mineshaft Restaurant in Cave Creek in the late 90s.

Actually, Gregg Clancy, the local T-shirt guy (Strawberry Fields) had it in his files and brought it to me during our meeting with Eric Flatt at Tonto on Wednesday. Decent likeness. Ha. Actually David K. Jones and his wife Tera hated this concept and I don't think we ever used it. I found that odd because the Jones clan are big fans of The Day of The Dead, but they thought this portrayed a negative image of the show. Two Dead Guys on the radio. Really?

Oh, and by the way, the show has now been dead for 15 years, so prophetic, no?

Meanwhile, been noodling more Lone Light studies. Did this one earlier in the week:

Daily Whipout, "Played Out"

And, another one. . .

"Lone Light In Golden Valley"

And finished a similar one this morning:

Daily Whipout, "Darkest Before Dawn"

And yesterday I whipped out this Route 66 memory:

 This is a rough stretch of Route 66 east of Peach Springs. I'm aiming at capturing that early roadway phenom of heatwaves eating away the roadway on the horizon with an approaching car seemingly floating on air. Not quite there yet, but I aim to get it.

"People in flight along 66. And the concrete road shone like a mirror under the sun, and in the distance the heat made it seem that there were pools of water in the road."
—John Steinbeck, "Grapes of Wrath"