Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Legendary Lew Jones Hits A Milestone

March 23, 2013
After my appearance at Festival of the West today I motored up to Cave Creek for the legendary Lew Jones' 75th B-Day bash at a remote house on Lone Mountain. Here's the dreadlocked B-Day Boy himself. We did the Jones & Boze Radio Show live from the Mineshaft (1997-98) because of this crazy guy. The photo on the wall shows Lew in his racing days. All his former race car driver pals were at the party and told stories on him.

The dreadlocks are fake, the dude is not. The guy is real Cave Creek, before the Yuppie Scum moved in. Lew gave my son, Thomas Charles, his first job, raking the driveway of the Mineshaft. Here they are last year at a dinner party at our house:

Lew officiated the marriage of Thomas and Pattarapan. He also has a cabin next door to William Antrim's outhouse in Mogoloon, New Mexico so he is a God in our house. He is The Man and every story he tells comes back to Sperry somehow. His wife, Tara, is a Saint with a capital S and they broke the mold when he hit the ground. It's an honor to know the dude.

"If you're not confused and discouraged, you're not paying attention."
—Lew Jones