Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another BBB Is Born

June 25, 2013
  Left Big Bear Lake yesterday marooning about 11. It was quite sunny, but when we got to the edge of the mountain as it careens off into San Bernadino, we saw this:

Drove down into the clouds with 20 foot visibility, got on the 210 and cruised straight into Pasadena to the hospital where Deena Bell had been admitted at 8 in the morning.

The baby was born at about 8:15 last night and his first reaction seemed to be:

Gimme Shelter: "Hey, I didn't bargain for THIS!"

But he did calm down and some of us think he looks like Deena's brother, Thomas Charles:

I know, he's not wearing a cowboy hat, yet. But I whispered to him the tale of Billy the Kid and he seemed to like that. As you can see it put him to sleep. Ha.

And here's a very proud grandmother:

Now here's the amazing part: Deena and Mike haven't named him yet! They have promised to name him before we leave tomorrow, so we'll see. I'm guessing but I think his name should be Thor. Or, even Triple B (Baby Bell Bortscheller).

"I was born in a cross fire hurricane. . ."
—Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter