Friday, June 28, 2013

Illegals Infest Mojave Homelands

June 28, 2013
   In the 1850s a Mojave shamam predicted doom if the tribe allowed white people to settle in their ancestral homelands along the Colorado River. By my count, today that area, from Bullhead to Parker is infested with over 50,000 illegal immigrants.

   One of the first intrusions into Mojave territory was the Beale Expedition and the Mojaves were friendly to them because they didn't stay. But when a large wagon train showed up soon after and dallied along the river, the Mojaves attacked, then went face to face with a rag tag supply train led by Samuel Bishop, who was riding a white camel:

Samuel and 23 of his "beardless boys" rode straight into the Mojave lines (an estimated 1,800 warriors) on the last camel charge:

Daily Whipout, "The Last Camel Charge"

Results in the next True West magazine, going to press this weekend.

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