Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chuckwalla Mountains and Big Bear Lake

June 23, 2013
  Headed to California for the birth of a certain grandson. Got a hair up our butt and took off from Cave Creek at nine o'clock at night on Saturday. Drove for three hours and landed in Quartzsite, Arizona at the only available motel, The Stagecoach Restaurant and Motel ($55.18). Took off from there at six, and took the back way through the Chuckwalla Mountains east of 29 Palms. Really desolate country. Loved it.

Had breakfast in 29 Palms (great name by the way) and saw all the pretty murals in the town, including this very impressive lizard on the side of a local business:

Landed at Big Bear Lake at about 11. On to Pasadena to see Deena, tomorrow.

"Pasadena Deena has a nice ring to it, eh?"
—Captain Jack Sparrow