Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mexican Beer Ads vs. Mexican Jail Time vs. Vogue Trash

June 19, 2013
  Filled my fifth trash bin with art reference trash this morning. Made three piles: worthless stuff, stuff I absolutely have to save and then, on-the-bubble stuff, like this:

Actually a postcard, but mighty sweet, don't you think?

 Giving my first history dinner lecture of the season next door at Cartwrights' Restaurant tonight at seven. Sorry, it's been sold out for a week. The next one is July 3rd, but it is filling up fast so don't dilly dally.

  As mentioned, I spent some time in jail last Friday night:

BBB In Mesa Jail: all metal, dang, that must have been uncomfortable in the summer time!

Our publisher, Ken Amorosano, brought in some magazines this morning and wanted me to look at them for graphic design inspiration. Took home a Vogue for lunch. Wasn't overly impressed, but I was inspired. Did these sketches based on a couple images I saw in the issue:

The lizard came out of my art reference, which I saved from the trash heap. So, what we have here is Vogue trash meets BBB trash. Demented, yes?

"Out of old fields comes all the new corn."
—Geoffrey Chaucer