Monday, June 03, 2013

Flaming Flattops

June 3, 2013
   Had a grand weekend working on a subject I know a thing or two about:

In addition to the great nicknames we had in Kingman, most of us got our dos (as in hair-dos) done by Chuy at Bond's Barbershop in downtown Kingman for $2.

I drew these bad boys upside down. That is to say, I utilized one of Salvador Dali's drawing tricks and put the photos upside down and drew the shapes and images that way (it tricks the brain into drawing more accurately because you're not loading up on left-brain, linear ideas of how a nose looks, you're just drawing the shape of something you don't recognize). It's pretty powerful. Did this guy as well, upside down:

Robert McBratney had a flaming flattop. He was a year or two older than me. Wonder where he is today?

Getting set to incorporate Dali's next "secret" to magic craftmanship, in the nude:

"I very strong advise you to experience drawing in total nudity, rather than clothed. Know this as Secret Nmber 23."
—Salvador Dali, "Fifty Secrets of Magic Craftmanship"