Friday, June 14, 2013

Jail Time In Mesa

June 14, 2013
   Spent some time in jail last night. I gave a history talk out in Mesa for the Historic Preservation Conference at the Arizona Museum of History. Over 250 in attendance. Had fun. They put Kathy and I up at the Hilton and that is always nice. Ate at Mango's on Main Street before the talk. Afterwards, Vince Murray walked me to the old Mesa jail and we took a couple gag photos of me in a cell.

   Tonight the Class of 1963 is having their Fiftieth High School Reunion in Kingman at the Dambar Steakhouse. Quite a few of the guys in that class had some major, bitchin' flattops, which I have been working on lately.

The look, styled by Chuy, had a distinctive winged look, with fender sideboards and a buzz cut on top, sometimes set off by a long curl in the front. All of which faded fast when the Beatles hit in 1964. And the flattop has been going in and out of style, but it always guarantees a smile, when I see one.

 Of course, the flattops in my neighborhood got very interesting when applicated to the In-din head, because those dudes had a head of thick hair and the hairline was way low on the forehead.

And the flaming flattop wasn't just the provenance of the teenager. No, even the animal kingdom in our neck of the woods had it's own version of the desert flattop:

So, The 66 Kid will have a Two-Lane Flattop to go along with his street rod.

Going to settle in this weekend on the nude issue and I'll post the results on Monday.

"Every true genius is bound to be naive."
—Friedrich von Schiller