Friday, November 14, 2014

Babysitting In The Land of Weston

November 14, 2014
   Our first day of babysitting duty in Pasadena. Hard work keeping up with the walking boy.

Weston out walking, looking for "Ki-Kis" (kitties).

   Of course, it seems like just a couple days ago when he was just a noodle:

Weston in the summer of 2013

   What I like about the lad today is that, unlike other kids his age, he still appreciates reading a newspaper:

Weston enjoying print media. (Full disclosure: Weston just ripped the page out of one of his favorite books.)

   And, like so many kids his age, he sometimes gets the Chow Time Blues:

Westons Chow Time Blues (broccoli in bowl)

"I've never been swimming, and that's because it's never been more than half an hour since I last ate."
—Archie Lange