Tuesday, November 11, 2014

You Can't Fight City Hall But You Can Visit Forty Years Later

November 11, 2014
   Here's a photo I found recently of my first cognizant visit to Tombstone (my family and I went through there in 1950 but I don't remember it):

BBB, Terry Townsend and Darlene Harshberger standing in front of Tombstone City Hall in April of 1974

   I had just seen David Wolper's "Appointment With Destiny" on the O.K. Corral fight and got all fired up to finally go down to Tombstone. I'm embarrassed to admit I attended the University of Arizona in Tucson from 1965 to 1970 and never made it down there. Came close: delivered meat products to soldiers at Fort Huachuca, five days a week in 1970-71 and every trip looked over at those conical hills longingly but never made it there:

Tombstone's conical hills just south of Monument Ranch

   Well, thanks to Russell and Jay at the Monument Ranch, I got to finally go inside Tombstone City Hall, forty years later!

The Monument Ranch Crew: Russell True, Jay, Greg, BBB and Marcel, in front of city hall on Sunday, November 9.

The view inside Tombstone City Hall out the upstairs window at Schieffelin Hall.

Got This Correction Today:
I'm pretty sure the upstairs of the Tombstone Town Hall was not a court room, that's where the mayor and the Tombstone Common Council held their meetings and decided ordinances, appointments, finances, etc. pertaining to the town.  It looks like its been cleaned out, the last time I was there (seventeen years ago) it was a "catch hall" full of junk and some very precious town history items too.
—Kevin Mulkins
"Everything comes to the man who is patient."
—Old Vaquero Saying