Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scaring New Parents And Other Babysitting Amusements

November 16, 2014
   We started day three of our babysitting gig like we did the first two: in breakfast mode:

High Chair Bananarama

   How do you scare the wits out of new parents? Well, you send them a video with this title:

Weston Disappears. . .

   This is our last morning babysitting Weston. His parents have been at a B&B in San Inez and are returning this afternoon. We will get our walking papers and a ride to Burbank Airport. It's been fun. Yesterday we went for a walk and looked at the sights:

Weston Sees A Flower

   Weston is in the habit of running up every driveway looking for a "ki-ki" (kitty) or a dog. We also ended up at a Mexican food joint and sat outside where Weston kept up a running commentary:

Weston at Burrito Delight commenting on all the "cars" and "trucks" two words he knows.

  And we also went to a park where the fearless boy hit the slide about twenty times, sometimes head first:

Weston Slides With Abandon. . .

   And here we have Weston playing a certain tickle game:

Weston Keeps His Grandma In Stitches!

"If I had known how much fun grand children were going to be, I would have had them first."
—G-Paw Ha