Monday, November 17, 2014

One More Weston and Back to Mickey Free

November 17, 2014
   Yesterday, Deena and Mike came back from Coyote Ranch at about three and the girls went out for one more walk, along with a little guy who trailed along:

Weston and the Women Walkers

   Got home late last night and got up this morning to work on my next book project, which prominently will feature this guy:

Al Sieber In Buckskin (I dig those leather pants with the prickly pear leggings)

  Worked on several sketches from this:

Al Sieber scratchboard

   I also revisited another photograph of Sieber taken at Camp Verde:

A blow-up of a group photo of Apache scouts and Al Sieber.

   Here are some sketches done from that view:

Daily Whipouts: Al Sieber Chief of Scouts, April 11, 2012

   And from these, here is an extrapolated version of Sieber:

Daily Whipout: Al Sieber With Rifle, August 2007

   Of course, it was Sieber who famously said of Mickey Free:

"He's half Mexican, half Irish and all son of a bitch."
—Al Sieber