Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Last Moments On Earth

November 25, 2014
   Charlie Waters figured prominently in several of my early day cartoon strips, including my first which ran in the University of Arizona Daily Wildcat. Here he is in "Fakeout" a cartoon strip that ran in the Phoenix New Times back in the 1970s about a woman who goes back in time to reclaim her high school years:

Fakeout: Charlie Waters, lower left, sings the Rusty Petry version of "What'd I Say."

   The late, great Gus "The Mapinator" Walker and his wife Patti, assume an old timely pose back in the 1980s. Gus passed this week and he is missed by all of us here at True West magazine.

Gus and Patti Walker

   Working on a cover of Mickey Free, a project I have been working on for a very long time:

Daily Whipout: "Mickey Rides Around Los Muertos"

"Our history is an aggregate of last moments."
—Thomas Pynchon