Thursday, November 27, 2014

Walkin' With Weston

November 27, 2014
   House full of Thanksgiving guests, Deena, Mike and Weston from Pasadena and James Sol Radina and Summer from Encinitas. The rest of the Radinas are coming over this afternoon for the big feed. Kathy worked all week on prepping the house, including blocking off the pool area with a clever roadblock festooned with flowers.

Grandma Goose, alias G-Ma She Ha, with her flower draped breezeway.

   The boy has a thing for cars. Here he is sitting in the driver's seat:

Weston In The Flex

   G-Paw He Haw and Grandma She Ha went for a walk with Weston this morning. We came back with a pony, a truck and cord of wood. Long story short: the boy attracts gifts from the neighbors.

Walk Number Two with Mamacita Deena

   We stopped at the Barro's where they have two new colts and Mike Barro offered one of them to Weston.

Weston: "Hey, free horse!"

   Across the street we stopped to talk to Jim and Weston spotted a toy truck in a bush, wouldn't leave without it, and Jim graciously offered to let him borrow it for the weekend. On the way back we ran into Joe Y. who offered us a cord of wood.

   So, all in all it was a productive walk.

"Epic is the antidote to oblivion."
—Caroline Alexander