Monday, November 10, 2014

Tombstone's Monument Ranch

November 10, 2014
   Greg Carroll and I motored down to Tombstone yesterday to sample the four-star resort called Monument Ranch, just outside Tombstone.

Monument Ranch built to look like an Old West town is nestled in the foothills adjacent to the Ed Schieffelin Monument, thus the name Monument Ranch

Built by a crazy German it was originally called Apache Spirit. My friend Russell True, of White Stallion Guest Ranch, bought the property recently and wanted to treat me and Greg, so we drove down to take a look.

We went into Tombstone, of course, and were priveleged to get a tour of City Hall, an 1882 building I had never been in. Our tour guide was none other than the city marshal:

Tombstone City Marshal  M.J. MItchell

Here is the crew outside the historic building.

You Can't Fight City Hall, but you can tour it: Left to right, Russell True, jay, Greg, BBB and Marcel, the manager of Monument Ranch.

Huge rooms inside. This is the courtroom upstairs, in the back.

Tombstone City Hall Courtroom. No, the Earps were not "tried" in this room. It was built the next year after the OK Corral fight in 1882. The Earps had their hearing across the street in the Gird Building.

Down in the basement there were some interesting art pieces that appeared to be from the early 1900s. I especially dug this risqué cowgirl:

Smoking Cheesecake Cowgirl in The Tombstone City Hall basement.

Of course, even though it was a Sunday afternoon, Big Nose Kate's was jumpin'

The biggest surprise was running into an old acquaintance causing trouble in the town too tough to die:

Tombstone Busker Do, Ron, who the town has tried to ban from the streets, but he contacted the ACLU who defended his act (he dances to funky blues songs with bells on) and they interceded.And here he is in all his busker glory:

Tombstone Busker Do

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